Although possible to move office yourself, unless you are a very small company and can do so in a manner that doesn’t put any of your employees at risk of injury, the best way to move is by hiring professional office removalists, who specialise in moving offices.

Start Early

Moving office can be hard work and logistically challenging. On top of all the day-to-day tasks of running a business, you’ve also got to organise office removalists, cleaners, utility connections, and redirect mail. And that’s just where it begins!

Depending on the size of your office, the number of employees, the amount of things you have, you may have to start planning your move months in advance. If you’ve only got a small office, usually a few weeks is ok.

Moving to a new office is a great chance to cut down on clutter. Get rid of unwanted items so you are only moving the essentials over to the new location.

Find an Office Mover

Begin by asking some friends for referrals, but also compare some companies online. Make sure your office removalist has experience relocating offices, as it’s a very different job to regular moves.

An experienced office mover, Dumbo Move says it’s important your office removalist has experience in office relocations:

Ask if they have insurance and what their policies are in case anything gets damaged. Check to see they have professional moving equipment.

Remember that a good office removalist will be very responsive to your questions, and can not only help you on moving day, but can guide you through the moving process.

Make a Plan

Once your all booked in, start finalising your moving plan. Assign employees to different tasks. Coordinate with your building managers and reserve parking at the pickup and drop off locations where possible.

Make a list of all of the tasks that have to be done before moving day and assign employees to various tasks. Phone and internet lines are essential to have up and running by moving day so your business suffers no downtime.

Try and get as many tasks done before moving day so you can focus on the important things on the day itself.