Be power conscious

Although it may sound obvious, turning electronic equipment off, or placing it in standby mode at the end of the office day is great for the environment, and can save you a lot of money in power bills. It is an important eco tip that many companies neglect, or forget to implement. When your employees leave for the day, make sure they turn off all of their electronic equipment, and the last person to leave the office turns all of the lights off, and checks to see if any other equipment can be turned off, or placed into standby mode.


Recycling is very important in an office environment, teaching your staff to recycle the excess paper will go a long way to improving your negative impact on the environment. Strategically placing the appropriate recycling bins in areas where excess paper or plastics are commonly generated will go a long way in fixing the problem. Most office equipment (e.g. printer cartridges) have specific instructions for recycling. Doing some research on these items can greatly reduce your potential waste and damage to the environment. Try and cut down on takeaway coffee cups by bringing a keep cup, and other packaging from takeaway stores.

Find electronic equipment with a good energy rating

Not all electronic equipment is created equal. When researching what equipment to purchase, check to see if it has a good energy rating. The less energy it uses, the better. Buying business machines that are multi function can also help with saving energy. For example, an office copier that copies, prints and scans is going to be more energy efficient and better for the environment than having three separate units. Also consider buying second hand or reconditioned equipment when possible. Not only will you save a lot of money, you will also do wonders for the environment.