Copiers & Printers

Copier Machines

For almost 30 years, copier and printer machines have become a standard item for offices, school and business’. They even became popular before the computer. So what is a copier? Put simply, it is a complex device that uses ink to duplicate the content of a copied piece of paper.

Like most new technologies, the original photocopiers were big (think huge!), heavy devices that were hard to move and operate. But that was many years ago. Due to modern advancements, most copiers these days are much smaller, and much lighter than those of decades ago, and house significantly more features than their ancestors.

Copier and printer machine technology has advanced greatly over the last few decades, and improves significantly each year. The copier machines of today can do far more than their predecessors could.

They are an integral part of the office, but like any machine, to perform properly, copiers need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Minor maintenance can be carried out by almost anyone. Simple things like changing cartridges and fixing paper jams. More advanced cleaning will require thorough reading of the manual or a trained professional. It is advised to have a technician assess your copier once a year to keep it in good shape.